Host/Hostess_Crocketts at Crockett's Public House or Trackside Pizza

Crockett's Public House or Trackside Pizza

118 E. Stewart, Puyallup,WA
Title: Host/Hostess_Crocketts
Work Type: Not Specified
Pay Type: Hourly

Job Description

Actively participate in delivering our brand experience.

Effectively answer phones, schedule dining reservations, and arrange special guest requests.

Create positive impressions of restaurant by promptly and warmly welcoming guests.

Courteously indicate where patrons can wait until their table is

Appropriately consider any special requests and how loaded the waiters are in each section and then assign guests to tables suitable for the size of the group.

Courteously escort guests to their seat and provide menus.

Job Requirements

Be groomed and dressed appropriately to deliver our brand experience.

Possess outstanding interpersonal communication skills to effectively interact with guests.

Work well with other restaurant employees to present an enjoyable dining experience to guests.

Be able to stand and walk for prolonged periods of time.

Have outstanding and effective table management skills to take reservations appropriately and maximize seating.

Be organized and comfortable with multi-tasking during busy meal times and long lines.