Bartender_Crocketts at Crockett's Public House or Trackside Pizza

Crockett's Public House or Trackside Pizza

118 E. Stewart, Puyallup,WA
Title: Bartender_Crocketts
Work Type: Not Specified
Pay Type: Hourly

Job Description

Provide quality service and meaningful experiences while serving food and beverages at the bar.

Effectively greet, listen and make casual conversation with guests.

Efficiently prepare drink orders according to specified recipes using measuring systems as well as offering customized recommendations.

Set up and maintain cleanliness and condition of bar, bar unit, tables, and other bar tools.

Complete preparation for the start of shift, including but not limited to, anticipating and communicating replenishment needs, preparing fresh garnishes for drinks, stocking ice, glassware, paper supplies and transporting all bar tools to the bar set-up area.

Appropriately remove soiled dishware from bar top and tables and place in designated area, wash soiled glassware, and process all payment methods.

Complete closing duties, including but not limited to, counting bank at end of shift, completing designated cashier reports, resolving any discrepancies, dropping off receipts, and securing bank, liquors, beers, wines, coolers, cabinets, and storage areas.

Job Requirements

Know the latest in mixology, wine, beer, bar equipment, proper food handling methods, cleanliness procedures, and state and local serving guidelines.

Be comfortable with multi-tasking (give quality, attentive service to guests, while maintaining the bar, and preparing staff ordered beverages for table seated patrons).

Possess outstanding interpersonal communication skills to effectively interact with guests.

Be able to deal with intoxicated guests in a positive and safety-minded manner.

Work well with other restaurant employees to present an enjoyable experience to guests.

Stand on your feet for prolonged periods of time, be able to carry trays weighted down significantly with glassware and, if any, dishware, silverware and food product.

Be groomed and dressed appropriately to deliver our brand experience.

Work with schedules based around busy meal times, holidays, events and weekends.

Have previous work experience as a bartender.