A Better Way to Source your Talent

Welcome to the Sharing Economy. Millennials get it already, they’ve flocked to Uber, AirBnB and ZipCar because sharing just makes sense. From Wikipedia: A sharing economy takes a variety of forms… to empower individuals, corporations, non-profits and government with information that enables distribution, sharing and reuse of excess capacity in goods and services.

Worqplace is a Cooperative Sourcing platform allowing businesses to link with other businesses as Sourcing Partners. When a business has excess applicants, those applicants can be invited to apply at their sourcing partners. Both companies benefit by expanding their reach and promoting their employment brand to a new audience of potential talent.

Why should you care? Simply stated, over half of applicants focus their job searches on companies they already know or have in mind, and if an applicant isn’t thinking of your business, you’re out of luck. A recent CareerXroads survey showed that only 15 percent of positions were filled through job boards. Every business knows that job boards are generally the source of the weakest hires. Applicants also know a connection is the best route to a job they actually want to have.

Sourcing Partnerships expand an applicant’s ability to connect with employers who are looking for them. An applicant who is a customer of and applicant of my peer company, who self-identified as fitting their business, and took the initiative to apply is far more valuable as a potential hire than a random job board respondent.


  • Simple to implement, simple to use.
  • You own your applicants
  • Applicants not actioned after 7 days are invited to consider applying to your sourcing partners.
  • Worqplace Fit Intelligence & Factoring
    • Applicant Profile, Strengths and Interests
    • Business and Jobs Matching
    • Distance
  • Promotes positive brand awareness with millennial applicants
  • Unlimited Sourcing Partners
  • National, Regional, Local Links
  • Simple Manager Interface
  • ATS Independent
  • De-link with any business any time

Building Partnerships

  • Pre-Launch
    • Use provided email
    • Worqplace team will facilitate program introduction, training and set up with your sourcing partners.
  • Post-Launch
    • Initiate invitation from Links Page in Worqplace.
    • Email is generated automatically with program information and set up links.
    • Worqplace team will follow up and assist your invited business.
  • Pick good sourcing partners
  • More Partners means More Applicants

Like what you see and ready to get going?