Worqplace Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Searching for Jobs

How do I search for specific jobs?

Worqplace emphasizes nearby locations over specific jobs. Many jobs are not posted on traditional job boards. Enter your city and state, or just a zip code. Then press the search button to update the search results.

Additional search options are available when you click the Filter button. Change the maximum distance, or select specific types of employers you would like to see in your search results.

Can I save my job search for later?

Normally, your search is remembered with a cookie with your browser. So if you always use the same computer, it should return to your search next time you visit the site.

When you create a login, (signup link in the upper right corner), your most recent search will be restored next time you login from any computer. This would be the best choice for public computers.

After I submit my application

How do I check on the status of my application?

Contact the employer directly. Worqplace is a service used by the employer.

How do I update or make changes to an application after it is complete?

If you just applied recently, it is best to contact the employer directly by email or phone with updates. For older applications, you should generally re-apply. Using your Worqplace login, many of the fields in the application will be remembered with your previous login making it easy to update and re-apply.

Login and Preferences

I forgot my password - how do I change it?

First click the login link. You will see a "Request a new password" link at the bottom of the page. Using this link, you can have a password reset email sent to you - proving you are the owner of this email. Follow the instructions to enter the code from the email, or use the link in the email directly.

Can I change my email?

Not at this time - we'll make this available soon.

Applications and Connections

What is a connection?

Your connection creates a communications link between you and an employer, and expresses your interest in employment opportunties. When employers have a pool of workers available, they can reach out via these connections as hiring needs arise.

How are connections made?

A connection is created each time you submit and application or profile to an employer.

What does my connection look like to an employer?

Once you have completed an application, the employer will see an entry with your name, the date you applied, and access to other details you have provided. Employers that have not been verified will not have direct access to your email or phone numbers. In these cases, they can only respond to you via a blind response mechanism that gets forwarded to your email. This helps protect your privacy and reduces abuse of our free job posting services.

Can I remove my application after submitting it?

At this time you cannot. We are investigating the appropriate options for applicants to update an employer when their status changes.


What is my profile?

Your profile contains the essential information the any employer needs to consider you for employment. This includes your work history, education, references and other attributes. When you apply for a job with an employer that uses the Worqplace job application, your profile information will automatically be entered, making it very quick an easy to complete the application. Some employers who do not use the full Worqplace application may accept a "Profile" directly. This is not a substitute for a complete application, but becomes a valuable connection to that employer for future employment opportunities.

How do I update my profile?

Whenever you take an application, your profile is updated to match you most recent information.

What should I know about the security and privacy of my data?

First, you should review the Worqplace Privacy Policy. Worqplace maintains your profile, and stores information on behalf of some employers. Keep in mind that once an application is submitted to the employer, that you trust that employer to keep your information safe - similar to any job application.

Why isn't all of the application stored in my profile?

Most, but not all of your application answers are stored in your profile. Some information that is likely to change over time, or that you probably need to answer differently are not stored.

Availability and Qualification questions are not stored.

Assessment data is currently not stored. But we are planning to enhance this in the near future. Keep in mind that different jobs may present different assessments making this less helpful to keep as part of your profile. Also, your answers to an assessment may change over time.

More information about Worqplace

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