On-demand, in-person,
results in minutes.

Stacks of resumes? Can't decide who's a good fit? What about the applicant who just walked in the door without any references? Worqplace Instant Assessment gives you an immediate indication of an applicant's fit for a specific position.

From your smart phone - just choose the job and show the applicant how to start the assessment. Minutes later you'll have a score that indicates how well the applicant is likely to perform in this job.

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Here’s how it works:

Applicants can take the assessment in-person or later by email. When the applicant is on-site, a manager can request the assessment by accessing Worqplace from his smart phone. The manager simply selects the correct job or job category (such as Front of House or Back of House). The screen then shows a QR-Code that the applicant can use to start the assessment from their own smart phone (see picture below). Alternatively the manager can enter the applicant’s email address and the assessment link will be sent by email.

If the manager has a tablet on site, the same Worqplace page can be used to start the assessment directly on that device – so the applicant can take the assessment in person, on the spot. It usually takes less than 10 minutes to complete depending on which assessment is requested.

Getting Results

Each assessment is given a percentile score from 0% -100%, representing the approximate score compared with other applicants across your industry. When more than one assessment is taken, the individual assessment scores can also be reviewed if needed.

Assessment results are emailed to the Hiring Manager and any additional staff added to the Worqplace Account. Result notifications are sent immediately once the assessment is complete. The same users can login to Worqplace at any time to see past results.

Our assessments are based on years of industry research and experience. The questions are designed and presented with several techniques to prevent cheating or misleading of results.

The science behind our assessments.

Getting Started

For a limited time, Worqplace is offering this service for free. We’ll even setup the Worqplace account for you, and give you some assistance getting started.

What we need from you:

  • Business Name
  • Addresses of each hiring location
  • Staff Users (Name and email address for each), and location affiliations if any.

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