How Worqplace can help you streamline your franchise hiring system.

We believe hiring great people shouldn’t be so hard.

For too many small business owners, the hiring process is a losing battle with overflowing inboxes and stacks of paper.

It’s time consuming, expensive and just plain daunting to try to find the right match for your business.

And the biggest frustration is, without the right employees you can’t grow your business.

Don’t you wish there was a streamlined hiring system that works, designed to meet the needs of food franchise business owners, so you can focus on the important stuff?

Your wish has come true. It’s here.

A simple system that redefines the way you hire. It’s called Worqplace, and it looks like this:

Fast: Say good-bye to tedious job boards. Your new best practice is your talent pool. It’s always working to collect applicants that choose you, as opposed to just looking for any job. That means better retention for you. Be up and running in minutes. Hire the right match in days, not weeks or months.

Easy: No more hiring headaches. We rewrote the rules. With a few simple clicks, our step-by-step, paperless system brings you leading edge hiring capability without complexity.

Targeted: Our proprietary assessment tools pre-screen all applicants, helping you decide which ones to focus on. Along with the behavioral interview questions we give you with each application, you’re able to spot the people who will most likely perform the best.

Complete: Everything you need in one easy-to use package. You get a full tool-kit including: job description and application templates for each position, interview scripts, hiring and onboarding guides, and our award winning customer service for training and support. All inclusive. All in one place.

Ongoing training and customer service: We stand by our word. When you need us . . . we’re only a phone call away. Or email. Or text. We’ll get back to you in the same business day. Honestly, we attempt to connect within the hour.

Affordable: No long term contracts. Just one low monthly fee enables you to hire as many people as you need, as often as you need to.

Guaranteed: You don’t pay for it unless you like it. Period.

How it all began.

Come In We're Hiring

We created Worqplace to make your life easier.
Each of us experienced the same challenges you have, so our goal was to create the world’s simplest hiring system - that works.

Our inspiration came when we improved hiring for Nordstrom, a top-notch employer known worldwide for having great employees.

We built them a more efficient, automated system that found the right people for a company with exceptionally high standards.

Then we thought, “How can we make a hiring system affordable and accessible for any business that cares about frontline talent? Especially the small business owner?"

The answer came from pooling our 50+ years of experience working in hiring automation and assessment to solve your hiring challenge. Born of advanced technology and simplicity, Worqplace helps you find the talent you need to grow your business.

Like what you see and ready to get going?